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Indore: Dogs eating cows alive at Vet hospital


Indore: Raising a voice for protection of injured cows, ‘Peoples for Animals Indore Unit’ sent a legal notice to Dr Chandrakant Ratnawat, collector, Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) commissioner and IMC health officer. The notice quotes that because of negligence of staff at Veterinary Hospital, Patthar Godam, Snehlataganj and broken walls of the hospital, dogs are eating cows that are not in a condition to fight them.

Sharing the reason for notice, volunteer Priyanshu Jain said, “We have witnessed dogs eating cows alive thrice in the hospital.” She elaborated that dogs find these cows easy targets and hence, whenever they feel hungry, they attack them and eat them alive.

Quoting the reason for legal notice, Priyanshu said, “We have been filing complaints and urging the authorities to take an action, but there has been no reaction or change from them.” She explained that the doctor in-charge at the hospital Ratnawat says that it is not his responsibility. “We feel stuck, because everyone keeps blaming others for negligence and saying it is not their responsibility,” she added.

Elaborating on the same, volunteer Abhishek Udawat said, “He says construction of broken wall, from where the dogs enter is the responsibility of IMC.” Activists argued that protection of animals is hospital’s responsibility, as told to them by the IMC.

With the continual of blame game on construction since last couple of months, three cows have lost their life in the hospital according to volunteers and video proofs provided by them.

Talking about the issue, Udawat said, “On an average, there are at least eight to 10 injured cows reach the hospital daily.” He explained that these cows are unable to move or fight because of medication and injury.

“Hospital staff neglect not only their protection but also their medication,” Udawat said. He explained that recovery of animals is slower because of negligence, which makes these animals weaker. “It is utterly cruel of authorities to let dogs eat cows alive, one cannot even imagine that, but these doctors are letting it happen,” he added.

Discussing the action they are seeking, Priyanshu said, “We are waiting for them to take an action, like construction of wall and improvement in staff behaviour.” She added that if the authorities do not respond to their notice soon, they will be filing a case against the hospital.