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Indore: Documents show IMC beldaar Aslam Khan also evaded tax


Indore: Indore Municipal Corporation beldaar Aslam Khan whose houses were raided by Lokayukta police on Monday is also a tax evader. Registration papers of many properties were found from Aslam Khan’s houses during raid.

“Among them was registration deed of a land in Dewas. The registration papers showed its value as Rs 35 lakh but he actually purchased property for Rs 54 lakh. By showing property at less rate, he evaded tax,” a Lokayukta police official said. The scrutiny of documents seized from Aslam’s houses continued on Friday.

Sources claimed that gun licence was found from Aslam Khan’s house as he liked hunting. He is reported to have hid the gun at his friend’s house. A raid by Lokayukta police on Aslam Khan’s houses had unearthed assets worth crores of rupees, which were disproportionate to his know sources of income. His links with several city builders have been traced.

Penthouse found

Aslam Khan had one more house in Ashoka Colony where he lives. He has given the second house on rent. Lokayukta police found a penthouse on the multi-storeyed house. “Though IMC is acting against those who have constructed penthouses, its building inspectors ignored Aslam Khan’s penthouse,” a Lokayukta police official said.

“Agreement papers of land purchased by Aslam Khan in Dewas was found during raid. While the papers revealed that the agreement was of Rs 54 lakh, the registration paper showed the value of land at Rs 35 lakh.” Pravin Singh Baghel, Lokayukta police DSP.

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