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Indore: Doctors hit streets on cycle to protest ‘pro-rich’ NMC Bill


Indore: In the nationwide protest against National Medical Commission (NMC) Bill, large number of doctors hit the streets on cycles on Sunday morning and rallied from Bengali Square to Yashwant Club.

The doctors, under the banner of Indian Medical Association, Indore Branch, tied black balloons to their cycle to mark their protest against the “anti-people” and “pro-rich” Bill. More than 50 doctors participated in the rally which was further joined by Indore Ophthalmologist Society from Yashwant Club which too had hit the streets to spread awareness on glaucoma under their World Glaucoma Week programmes.

According to IMA’s city chapter president Dr Anil Vijayvargiya “The cycle rally is being facilitated by all the 1,725 branches of IMA located all across the nation. The IMA has been taking out ‘IMA Bharat Yatra’ which will be concluded with the ‘Mahapanchayat’ to be organised on March 25 at New Delhi.”

He said that “IMA is protesting not only for the doctors but also for the sake of patients’ welfare as the Bill has dangerous provisions of permitting AYUSH practitioners to practice modern medicine which is practically not possible without having an MBBS degree.”

“The government has decided to put the life of patients at stake by allowing ineligible people to provide treatment to them. An MBBS doctor takes almost 10 years of rigorous study to learn and practice medicine but the government will make these people (AYUSH practitioners) doctors within just a few months by providing training,” Vijayvargiya said.

He further appealed people to join the protest as well, as the Bill would not only affect the doctors but also their treatment and medical care.

“The National Medical Council Bill is a disaster and it will damage public health system in the country. People will have to face dire consequences of the wrong decisions taken by the government,” Dr Vijayvargiya warned.

Glaucoma awareness walk

Along with protesting against the NMC Bill, doctors too participated in the walk organised to spread awareness on glaucoma, the disease that leads to blindness. “Crores of people across the globe are suffering from the disease while over 12 lakh people have already lost vision due to the disease, the doctors alarmed, adding that glaucoma should be diagnosed and treated at early stage or the blindness caused by it can never be cured.