Indore: Disagree with Ansari’s view; people of all faiths safe in India: Qureshi


Indore: Madhya Pradesh Haj Committee chairman Inayat Hussain Qureshi on Friday said he didn’t share former vice president Hamid Ansari’s view that there was a sense of insecurity among Muslims in the country.

“I don’t agree with Ansari’s statement. Not only Muslims, but people of all religions are also safe in India,” Qureshi, also a member of the Haj Committee of India, said here on Friday.

Ansari, whose second five-year term as vice president ended on Thursday, had said in an interview that there was a feeling of unease and a sense of insecurity among Muslims and that the “ambiance of acceptance” is under threat.

Responding to a query over the recent incidents of mob lynchings in various parts of the country, Qureshi said, “Such incidents are wrong irrespective of whether the name of the victim of the mob lynching is Junaid or Sitaram. Leave this issue aside, it is also being seen that petty issues are being blown out of proportion to spoil the communal harmony”.

When asked if the demand for a nationwide ban on slaughter of cows is justified, Qureshi said if Hindus revered ‘cow’ as their mother then Muslims should respect their religious sentiments.”Quran teaches us not to hurt sentiments of any religion,” he added.

Replying to a question, Qureshi said the Haj subsidy being given to Muslims by the government should continue. He also informed that the quota for Haj pilgrims was raised after the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the UAE.

“Hike in Haj quota has also benefited Madhya Pradesh. About 3,600 people would go on the Haj pilgrimage this year in comparison with 2,700 people, who had gone on the pilgrimage last year,” he added.

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