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Indore: Different types of yoga for stress-free healthy life


Indore: Promoting wellness and stress-free living, Yoga Prana Vidya (YPV) organised a ‘Planetary Peace Meditation and Spiritual Group Healing’ programme at Ravindra Natya Grih from 5 pm to 7 pm, on Sunday.

With an aim to bring peace to people’s life and create positive energy in environment, there were various theoretical and practical lessons imparted to audience.

Talking about different types of yoga, 63-year-old YPV founder Reddy said, “You need yoga in every aspect of life to connect to the Creator, God or the Ultimate.” He explained that there are different types of yoga— Karma yoga, Dhyaan yoga, Raja yoga, Bhakti yoga, Hatha yoga, Kundalini yoga and Samadhi.

“Yoga helps you in connecting to divine in every aspect by finding your balance,” Reddy said. He quoted that there are three basic divisions in yoga. “One is asana, i.e. physical modification, pranayama, i.e. breathing exercise and finally, there are some rules, i.e. do’s and don’ts,” he explained.

Discussing the benefits of yoga, Reddy quoted that it helps in reduce stress level, boost stamina, increase productivity, better interpersonal relationship, increase calmness with a sharper and intuitive mind by bringing positive attitude. “Group meditation is more significant, because downpour of energy is higher and hence effects are quicker,” he said.

Sharing why physical exercise is important in yoga, Reddy explained that flow of energy is must for the ultimate union. “We always start yoga with physical workout, as it energises our body making it easy for us to connect with the ultimate,” he said.

Starting the practical session with physical workout, Reddy led the group into breathing exercises. “Short breathing helps us in becoming conscious of breathing, while attracting positive energy,” he said.

Following the basic breathing yoga exercise, Reddy taught a special ‘forgiveness sadhana’. “Internal forgiveness to oneself and others and seeking forgiveness from others is important for everyone as forgiveness is therapeutic,” he said.

Then, bringing forward devotion perspective, Bhakti yoga was taught to participants. The session concluded with mass healing.

Overcoming migraine with meditation

In a personal interaction with Free Press, Reddy shared his life story. Talking about his life, he said, “Even with settled life, I was unable to be happy.” He suffered from severe migraine since childhood.

“By the time, I was 30-year-old I had week-long migraine attacks at least thrice in a year,” Reddy said. Migraine was taking over his life, along with increasing stress and controlling issues.

“I had a problem of always wanting things to be my way, but that is not practically possible and hence, it was regular source of stress for me,” Reddy confessed. Taking an early retirement from Indian Air Force, he researched about yoga and meditation. “My migraine was vanished in a year and I felt positive,” he added.

Sharing how he started the organisation, Reddy said, “I studied yoga and meditation from various books and organisation, based on which, I created this programme.”