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Indore: Demonetisation problems continue to hit residents


Dewas: The problems still continue after more than 20 days of demonetisation. The crops are brought from farms and cheques are given but transfer of requisite amount is taking around 10 days creating problems for farmers as well.

Agricultural market businessman Babulal Agrawal said that a cheque was deposited in a branch of Union Bank ten days ago but due to link fail or problems with the line, transfer was delayed and finally took place this Tuesday. Same goes with farmers as well. There has been lack of notes throughout.Banks like State Bank of India also do not have sufficient notes and has to get notes from branches of other Tehsils to fulfill the requirements of their consumers. There are hardly any Rs. 500 notes in ATMs. Old Rs. 100 notes and Rs. 2000 are available sometimes while cash finishes leading to disappointment of consumers at other times. Officers of nationalized banks are also creating trouble for people by coming up with new rules for depositing old notes.