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Indore: Demand for power shoots up by 60 MW, highest in MP


Indore: As summer sets in and temperatures soar, demand for electricity is growing in the city. In last one month, the demand has shot up by 60 MW and is likely rise further in May. “The electricity consumption in the city was 360 MW per day in March which shot up to 400 MW in the first week of April and now it has crossed 420-MW mark,” said a press release issued by MP Western Region Electricity Distribution Company Ltd.

This is the highest demand of electricity by any city in the state, the press release stated. The demand in other districts of Indore division has also gone up. As per the press release, the demand of electricity has grown up by around 20 percent in districts and tehsils in Indore division.

Discom managing director Aakash Tripathi has directed engineers to ensure that the increased demand in electricity does not affect power supply. “There should be no interruption in supply of electricity,” he said.

The sudden increase in electricity demand and soaring temperatures has prompted west discom to take measures to ensure uninterrupted power supply in the city.  Tripathi has directed engineers to step up maintenance work. “The increase in internal and external temperatures of transformers requires maintenance. We are going to cool off transformers to reduce outside temperature by installing fans and coolers,” said Tripathi.

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