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Indore: Cycling with friend for environment


Indore: Cycling is the healthiest and environment friendly way to commute and for 19-year-old engineering students Dikshant Mahant and Avinash Seth, cycling has not only made them healthier, but also got them close. These two friends cycle for fun on a regular basis.

Talking about his love for cycling, Dikshant said, “I cannot recall when cycling became my passion from just a mode of commute.” His family insists on cycling instead of two-wheelers.

“I can recall my elder sister, Shefali Mandoli insisting that I cycle to school instead of going in the bus or a two-wheeler,” Dikshant said. He elaborated that cycling has been promoted in his family as a secret formula for health and environment.

Sharing his experience, Avinash said, “I had been cycling to school alongside Dikshant.” During their ride, they would chat about various topics. “We shared our grievances, happiness and everything else that happened in our life,” he added.

“Our cycling time together strengthened our bond,” Avinash said. He elaborated that cycling became the best time of their day. Continuing what happened post school, Avinash added, “After school, we couldn’t cycle 25 km to college, so we switched over to leisure cycling.”

Talking about promoting cycling, Dikshant said, “I think the best way to incorporate cycling in people’s life is by ensuring that all the kids go to school on a cycle.” Adding the reason that impedes its application, he explained that parents cannot send their kids in the traffic. “We need protected cycle tracks and then, everyone can cycle including kids,” he added.

Fully-protected bike infrastructure in Maryland Avenue

Several weeks ago, painted lines and flexible plastic lane dividers began materialising on Maryland Avenue, one of the major north-south arteries that connect downtown Baltimore to the residential neighbourhoods above the city. The resulting 2.6-mile route is called a cycle track, one of the city’s first examples of fully protected bike infrastructure. This new two-lane bike highway eliminated a lane of automobile traffic and 15 parking spaces, to the disgruntlement of many motorists who used the row house-lined thoroughfare as a means of bolting downtown. But it’s been something of a godsend to bikers, especially those weary of junking through traffic on a narrow, bus-intensive city streets.