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Indore: Currency ban hit transporters hard, how payments to police can be made cashless


Indore: Demonetisation hit the transporters badly as they experienced a decline of 30 per cent trade. They raise some practical problems they were facing while making payment to police and RTO.

The currency ban has brought both sweet and sore experiences for transporters.

While taking to Free Press, Rajinder Singh Trehan, a managing committee member of All India Motor Congress, expressed views of transports.

He said that their trade is virtually cash dominated and recent ban making their life difficult.

Taking about fair aspects of demonetisation, Trehan said toll booths are made free which saves around Rs 7000 in Indore-Mumbai trip. They also save fuel of 20 to 30% as trucks are not waiting at toll boots. But these measures are short-term ones.

Making reference of negative aspects, Trehan said the currency ban affected their trade by 30%. Around 1500 trucks used to move out of the city daily for different parts of the country. At present, the number dipped to 300.

He said that their trade is quite dependent on cash only. Traders which book their goods make payment in cash only. A trucker has to make payments to loader in cash only. Drivers are usually little literate thus they make payments for diesel in cash only. On-route expenses like drivers’ food, vehicle repairs and extortion of police and RTO men are made in cash only. So it is difficult to make our trade cashless.