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Indore: Crime Watch works wonder in city


Indore: A total of 9505 calls were logged on during the year on ‘Crime Watch’, a service launched by the city police to curb crimes with help of citizens. It has logged information on narcotics, traffic, ATM cards, anti-social elements, betting and gambling,  loud DJ sounds and harassment over mobile phones the most.

Of the 9,505 calls, the city police took action and booked 2,732 persons for various crimes and this has instilled confidence for police among public, said the officials.

After completion of one year of service, the police launched a special drive on WhatsApp and new group was created which included various WhatsApp group admins associated with ‘Crime Watch’ to increase the reach of the group.

60 calls logged on this week

  • A woman residing in Dakchaya sought help as she and her children remained alone in the house while her husband went out for work and taking advantage of her situation, her neighbour started harassing her. Shipra police took action against the man.
  • Following a call of college students behaving obscenely, a team from Lasudia police station reached the spot and gave a dressing down to the accused.
  • Similarly when a man called and informed that some shopkeepers were refusing to take Rs 10 coins a police team reasoned with the shopkeepers and assured them that coins were still legally tendered.
  • Moving on a bank customer complained about misbehaving bouncers deployed by the bank and police took action against the bouncers and bank officials.
  • An employee complained about non-payment of salaries for five months and police are investigating the matter.
  • A youth was charged for getting a job but he could get the job not he could get the refund and this matter too is being investigated.
  • Police got a tenant to vacate a house belonging to an elderly couple and got them outstanding rent payment as well when their son complained from Pune. The tenant apparently used goons to threaten the family.

Besides the above 29 calls of harassment of women, girls on phone were also resolved by the police.