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Indore: Colleges asked to develop eco-friendly culture


Indore: Technical and professional colleges in state have been asked to opt for green initiatives to turn their campuses environment-friendly. In a letter addressed to college principals, directorate of technical education (DTE) has said that it was striving to develop its institutions on a self sustainable basis in the areas of power, water and cleanliness.

“Greening the campus is all about sweeping away wasteful inefficiencies and using conventional sources of energies for its daily power needs, correct disposal handling, purchase of environment friendly supplies and effective recycling programme. Institute has to work out the time bound strategies to implement green campus initiatives,” the letter reads.

“These strategies need to be incorporated into the institutional planning and budgeting processes with the aim of developing a clean and green campus,” the letter adds.

The DTE directed institutes under it to work with students, faculty and support staff to foster a culture of self sustainability and make the entire campus environmental friendly. “The Green Campus Initiatives will enable the institutions to develop their campuses as a living laboratory for innovation,” it said.

A green campus is a place where environmental friendly practices and education are combined to promote sustainable and eco-friendly practices on the campus. The concept offers an institution the opportunity to take the lead in redefining its environmental culture and developing new paradigms by creating sustainable solutions to environmental, social and economic needs of the mankind.

“The faculty, staff and students have to contribute collectively to develop an eco-friendly sustainable campus and disseminate the concept of eco-friendly culture to the nearby community and wherever possible,” the DTE said. The DTE stated that save energy should be the motto of every day’s working in each institute. Every institute will purchase only energy star compliant computers and equipment. “If energy star is unavailable, purchase the most energy-efficient model available in the market.”


10 KW Solar Station

Waste water management/rain water harvesting

Recycling bin for e-waste

Complete ban on polythene on campus

Institute community garden

Use of more LEDs than CFL

Digital library/e-learning centre


Every institute has to develop a plan to save energy at institute level with time bound plan to install 10 KW solar power station mandatorily either at the top of college building or in open field

Institute needs to phase out CFL and conventional light source such as bulbs and tube lights, halogen and mercury street/campus lights. Apart from saving money, the initiative will also make the institute self sustainable.

Energy audit is mandatory and should be carried out periodically for every institute

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