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Indore: Children’s Day: Seeing the world through innocent eyes


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Indore: Celebrating Children’s Day and making it memorable for little angels, various schools organised unique events, ranging from calling celebrities to making creative art on Tuesday. Looking at the world through children’s eye, teachers and school administrators felt emotional and overwhelmed. Making the day special for them, they satisfied all the demands and wishes of children, like taking a swim, playing games and enjoying rides. Learning the art of living from children, school members felt privileged to be around the little angels.

Learning about life from children

Letting children take control of the events at Pragya Girls School, school administration followed their lead and experienced being a child again. While pre-primary students rushed to playgrounds and enjoyed merry-go-round, primary students hurried towards pool. As junior girls climbed on the ride, they sang songs and cheered. Changing the trend for senior students, teachers surprised them with dance party and cultural programme. Trying on their costumes, primary students splashed water on each other and teachers. Sharing her experience, Aradhana Devda and Madhura Moghe from kindergarten said, “I love riding with my friends and it was more fun with teachers.” They cheered and played various games in the ground.Talking about the students, vice principal Jhanvi Kale said, “I feel speechless and cheerful today; it reminds me that why I chose to become a teacher.” Sharing their experience, Padmakshri Samadhiya, Yashi Singh and Palak Rajani said, “Everything is fun with friends! Being in the pool with teachers was incredible.” They discovered a new side of their teachers and felt more bonded with them. School principal Manju Kautiyal said, “Children are angels that hold the guide to living well and enjoying life.” She felt nostalgic and recalled her childhood.

Teaching to share and care

Teaching the lesson of kindness to children and making it a special day for everyone, Scholars Paradise School took school students to a nearby government school to distribute chocolates. Discussing the reason behind the drive, school principal Rinku Jadhav said, “We have been celebrating children’s day every year with underprivileged children.” She explained that this drive helps children realise their blessings and teaches the lesson of kindness. Talking about the event, school head Apoorv Jadhav said, “It is a blessing to be able to give someone something and we are glad to pass on this lesson to our students.”

More than 300 underprivileged children from 15 slums participated in the Children’s Day event held on Janvikas Society Ashram campus at Palda on Tuesday. Janvikas, an NGO in consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, runs non-formal education centres for the drop-out and non-school going children of women waste pickers and domestic workers living in slums in and around the Indore city

Creativity day @ SICA School

Providing a platform for children to showcase their art, SICA School organised creativity day with various activities instead of holding lectures in classrooms. Various activities and competitions like salad decoration, henna tattoos, ‘pooja thali’ decoration and ‘toran’ decoration were organised as part of the activities. Talking about the event, school principal Madhukar Panwar said, “We feel it is important for students to focus on extracurricular activities as well.” Komal Vishwakarma (class VII-D), Harshi Gupta (class VIII-D) and Lavina Fund (class III) were the top three winners of mehndi competition. Winners of rangoli competition were Krishna Patel (class VI), Kavishi Sammi (class VI) and Vaibhav Jagtap (class VI).

Tenali Rama surprises tiny tots

Bringing a surprise to students with stories of ‘Tenali Rama’, Shri Devi Ahilya Shishu Vihar invited cast of television show ‘Tenali Rama’ to interact with students. Intrigued by the TV serial crew, students wondered about shooting procedures, casting, recording and telecasting. Entertaining students, leading actor Krishna Bharadwaj shared incidents of Tenali Rama’s life. Sharing their experience, students Palak Agrawal and Anirudh Khatri said, “It was amazing! I thought actors photos are edited, but Tenali looked like Tenali in real life!” Expressing their amazement, students Karan Wadhwani and Vagesh Neema said, “We enjoyed the day. It was a real surprise for us! We learned and laughed so much.”