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Indore: Chhawni Road; Parking, a monkey business


Indore: Illegal parking seems completely inseparable from the woes of city as it is evident in nearly every corner bugging traffic as well as the city life.

Making no exception, row of illegally and haphazardly parked vehicles along the road side hindering vehicular movement as well as regular business in the high traffic-hit Chhawni Road area has become an order of the day. The obstruction causes a lot of inconvenience to the people travelling through the stretch between Madhu Milan Square and Chhawni square.

Apart from housing major commercial offices and shops, the stretch also serves as an important link to several major city roads and thus, witnesses a heavy rush of vehicles ranging from heavy trucks to two-wheelers round the clock. The traffic increases especially during office hours in the morning and it literally doubles up in the evening.

Actually, the bottleneck occurs when visitors to the shops and commercial buildings located on either side of the entire stretch park their vehicles at will along the roadside, and at times even almost on the road. The situation, added with semi to large goods vehicles parked irresponsibly to unload goods to the shops, indeed gives a harrowing time to thousands of commuters taking the busy street throughout the day.

As usual, traffic police are rarely seen on the spot doing their duties or at least listening to the repeated complaints of illegal parking by local traders as well as residents, let alone taking action against the errant vehicle owners, especially the main culprit—loading vehicles.

Such police reluctance encourages people more to park their vehicles illegally on or along the road according to their convenience shrinking the space for vehicular movement and thus, making the entire area more prone to accidents and chaos. At times, the situation becomes so worse that it becomes really tough to even negotiate the stretch on foot.

Fed-up local residents believe that only strict action by traffic police can save them from the everyday menace.