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Indore Chaotic crossing- Traffic chaos mars Sanjay Setu crossing


Indore: Vehicles get stuck into each other’s way at Sanjay Setu crossing everyday due to heavy traffic pressure and haphazard parking on the road reducing the width of road. Movement of loading vehicles adds to chaos and situation turns critical in the evening.

However, the roads from Riverside Road and Ranipura to Sanjay Setu are one-ways and vehicles coming from Jawahar Marg mostly create chaos when traffic on the main road is moving. The situation becomes worst when heavy vehicles like city buses, school buses, loading vehicles including bullock carts and others use to move on this road.

Police claim that their personnel are manning the traffic but residents and commuters say cops are rarely seen in the area. Absence of traffic cop and long traffic jams are common occurrence here. People demand deployment cops to regulate traffic properly. Jitendra Verma, a commuter, said there is no problem during day time but in the evening chaos reigns supreme. People who are visiting the area also add problems to heavy traffic by parking their vehicles on roads.

Commuter Surendra Kumar Jangid said if a cop is posted there for the whole day, then the situation would improve. He said jams occur when vehicles coming from by-lanes just wade into oncoming traffic. School teacher Sneha said that there should be awareness among people about driving and parking so that jams do not occur plus cops should be deployed here to regulate the traffic.