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Indore: Celebrating ‘No Shave November’ for a noble cause


Indore: Inspired by people who are contributing fund for cancer patients all over the world, 22-year-old engineering student Vaibhav Kashava, 20-year-old engineering student Shubhojeet Bose, 20-year-old Harsh Talreja, 19-year-old student Mayur Raheja, 20-year-old Akshay Ahuja, 27-year-old entrepreneur Raunak Vyas, 22-year-old engineering student Swapnil Dwivedi and 33-year-old interior designer Sudhir Soni did not shave for a month and contributed their savings for cancer patients.

Sharing the idea, Shubhojeet said that they had been reading about people contributing for cancer patients and following ‘No Shave November’, which sounded interesting. He elaborated that as students, it was feasible to contribute for a cause. “We don’t have a source of income but if we can save some money and help someone in a small way, it is good opportunity,” he added. Spreading the concept, they made instagram profile solely to promote the idea. “I came across the idea on instagram and connected with the team,” Mayur said. He was inspired to do the same. “When we do such things as a team, it becomes easier and fun,” he added.

Though having a beard seems natural to some men, the ones who have been shaving find the stubble inconvenient. Talking about his experience, Swapnil said, “For the first few days, it was okay but later, beard was itchy and felt weird.” However, keeping his promise, he did not shave and saved the grooming money for cancer patients. Sharing his feelings about the beard, Akshay said, “I heard about this idea from Mayur, who was determined to follow No shave November.” Having beard was a new idea for him, as he has mostly been working with professionals.

“Though I have a start-up, I interact with people from different fields and most of them are clean shaved wearing impressive formals,” Akshay said. He explained that people asked him the reason for the stubble. “I told them it was for a cause, which impressed them,” he added.

Discussing the idea of ‘No Shave November’, Harsh said, “No Shave November has been trending on social media and in colleges for a couple of years now.” He explained that the trending idea made it easy for them to connect with the theme and gather people. “One should always think about helping other people, and then even the simple task of not shaving can be charity,” he added.

At the end of the month, they met Ranu Jain Gupta, founder of MySanika. “They told me their contribution is less, as low as Rs 2,000,” Ranu said. Encouraging them and recognising their effort, she appreciated their effort and told them that amount is not the only thing that matters. “They might be able to collect more next year, their intention is right,” she added.

What They Say

“I had come across news about a group doing something similar in Australia, which inspired me to try the same in India. Though our contribution is not much this year, but eventually, we might be able to make a bigger group and contribute more.”

Vaibhav Kashava, Engineering Student

“I had been hearing about the trend of No Shave November, but it did not catch my attention until I saw the charity part of it. I felt if not shaving can help someone, then why not try it.”

Raunak Vyas, Entrepreneur


“I don’t mind having a beard, but the idea of celebrating a month for it did not make sense to me. However, when I came across this group where we celebrate it for a cause, it appealed to me.”

Sudhir Soni, Interior designer

“I was impressed by the idea of using savings for cancer patients. Though we all come across people who are unable to get treatment because of lack of funds, we cannot do much for them. This was a nice simple way to contribute in a small way.”

Swapnil Dwivedi, Engineering Student