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Indore: Bunking does not affect results, it gives memories for lifetime


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Indore: Revisiting the child in them, professionals from different fields recalled the best time of their childhood and remembered their experience of ‘bunking classes’ especially during college days for a quick snack and chatting getaways.

Though most of them had bunked classes, it never affected their results as self studying was fruitful. Agreeing to the same philosophy that rules college education today, engineering student Gaurav Roy said, “I can study much better at home since college faculty just quotes the book in lectures, which I cannot even recall later.”

He explained that bunking makes best memories of college and studying is easier and better in study groups than lectures. Sharing college memories, ecommerce professional Harsh Vyas said, “Bunking with friends the first time in my college is a funny memory that I will never forget, I remember being so nervous that I told my teacher that I was going to leave.” He laughed uncontrollably while recalling those days and said how great he felt to bunk classes.

“My examination score was always normal even without attending classes, rather I got confused when I attended lectures,” Vyas chuckled.

Practical lessons can make classroom bunking zone

Monotony in classroom, lack of individual attention as Curzon (2004) also criticised for being a one-way communication process, teacher’s classroom control, not well thought out time table, personal issues like medical and family issues could be a reason of absenteeism. In a study that Dr Rajeev Shukla and I did together, we discovered various reasons for absenteeism and amazingly, absenteeism did not affect results. I feel students can and should learn practically and lecturers should try to provide similar practical learning in classrooms. Students might not bunk if their classroom becomes equally fun as bunking.

What They Say

I have bunked many classes in my college. I could never let go off an offer to bunk a class as that was the only time when we could make memories of a lifetime. I never felt the need to attend a lecture in my college because honestly, we have to study on own anyway. Even after attending lectures, we have to work hard at home. I did pretty well in academics without attending lectures.
– Ritika Jain, Social media marketer

Most professors in college taught theory in classrooms over practical questions and I can comfortably read theory at home. It was better not to attend theory classes and confuse our concepts. My friends group would attain borderline attendance and then bunk classes. For studies, I read newspaper and asked seniors to explain the course in library. I did fairly well in all my exams.
– Ranu Jaiswal, Software engineer

“During my engineering course, I would often bunk classes and study in library. I did not feel comfortable with learning theories in classrooms because they would lead to confusion and doubts. I felt more at ease in learning through practical examples on my own and from renowned books. I graduated with flying colours and became a good professional as I wanted. I think I made the right decision.”
– Richa Dwivedi, Engineer

There is no point in learning from traditional books. My friends and I would bunk classes whenever two lectures were off. However, there were some lectures that we would never miss as those professors explained with practical examples and jokes. My best memories have been during those times when we ran off to nearby café or went on a drive to a waterfall for quick getaway from college and city life.”
– Neha Sharma, HR professional