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Indore: BEd colleges granted time to file affidavit, but no escape from ranking framework


Indore: In a relief to the teacher education institutes (TEIs), high court though granted more time to file affidavit regarding their infrastructure, facilities and faculties, gave no exemption from Ranking and Accreditation Framework launched by National Council of Technical Education (NCTE).

On a petition filed by some BEd college directors of the city, the high court has directed NCTE to give more time for the colleges to file the affidavit and also, to apply for the rankings. “The court has allowed TEIs to file affidavits in NCTE by November 30,” said spokesperson of Malwa Region Private Education College Association, Abhay Pandey. Previously, July 30 was the last date after which the inspections at the colleges were to begin for accreditation. But, legal cases over the new accreditation norms delayed the process.

Owing to a crisis of quality in the pre-service training of teachers, NCTE has decided to identify rouge TEIs and subsequently do away with them with encouraging others to improve quality of teaching and learning on their campuses. For this purpose, the apex regulator of teacher education in the country has come up with Ranking and Accreditation Framework for TEIs.

According to it, every institution recognised by NCTE is now required to obtain accreditation from an agency identified by it once in every five years. Additionally, it was decided, for the first time, to rank the top 100 TEIs in the country once in every two years.

NCTE is taking these steps with a view to helping prospective student teachers make informed choices about the TEI should select to improve their chances of acquiring the Attitude, Skill and Knowledge (ASK) required to become a good teacher and passing the teacher eligibility test (TET), a mandatory requirement to become a teacher in both government and private schools in the country. Until now, the agency designated by NCTE for accreditation was the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC). Between 2002 and 2017, NAAC could accredit only 1522 TEIs in the country. Given an estimated total of 16000 to 18000 TEIs that now need to be accredited, NCTE took a decision to discontinue the mandate given to NAAC and instead work with the Quality Council of India (QCI).

With help from QCI, NCTE has designed and operationalised a new accreditation and ranking framework. This builds on recent efforts to obtain affidavits from TEIs, in which affidavits or show-cause notices were submitted by 11,474 TEIs across the country.

Step wise process

Registration: TEIs who have submitted affidavit online will have to sign up on the TeachR platform by providing basic registration details
Submission of Self-Evaluation Form: all TEIs will have to provide their details in SEF.
Assessment process: On-site visit to verify details provided by colleges in SEF and audio video recording of teachers while teaching in the class and other activities. A proctored test will be conducted over a period of 5 to 10 days at centres located all over India Ranking and Assessment