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Indore: BEd colleges, DAVV on collision course


Indore: Directors of BEd colleges threatened to shut colleges for indefinite time from Wednesday after Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya (DAVV) geared up for carrying out pre-affiliation inspections at the teacher education colleges under its jurisdiction.

A group of college directors met vice-chancellor Dr Narendra Dhakad on Monday and cried foul on its announcement to conduct inspection on their campuses.

They argued that when the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE), a regulatory body for teacher education courses in the country, is not conducting pre-recognition inspections on their campuses then as to why the university is hell-bent on conducting inspection of BEd colleges for grant of affiliation.

“NCTE is granting recognition to BEd colleges on an affidavit that they are complying with its norms. All universities in the state are toeing the NCTE’s line. But the DAVV is stubborn on conducting pre-affiliation inspection to see whether colleges are adhering to the NCTE’s norms. This is totally unwarranted,” Akshay Academy director Akshay Tiwari said.

Indore Mahavidyalaya director Girdhar Nagar echoed the same views and added that as per rules, an affiliating body can’t conduct inspection at any teacher education colleges until regulatory body conduct inspection at the colleges.

“The DAVV is violating this norm,” he stated.

Shri Yashwant Education college director Ravi Bhadoriya stated that Madhya Pradesh High Court in its ruling in February had stated that only NCTE has right to conduct inspections at teacher education colleges. “So, the DAVV’s move to carry out is not only illegal but also in contempt to the court,” he added.

The university, however, is defending its move of holding inspections at BEd colleges stating that it has been granting affiliation to BEd college for past three years without any inspection.

“We need to inquire that colleges are meeting norms or not. This has become imperative since BEd course duration was increased from one year to two years,” the VC stated.

Countering the VC’s statement, Matushree Education College director said if inspection would have been necessary for course duration was increased then as to why NCTE did not conduct inspection so far.

Meanwhile, an officer of NCTE in Bhopal stated that they would be soon conducting inspection of BEd colleges for renewal of inspection.

AISECT college director Awadesh Dave stated that the university should conduct inspection at BEd college after the NCTE’s inspection. “If the university’s inspections would be conducted before NCTE’s then we will shut colleges for sine die,” he added.