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Indore: Bank employees demand security amid demonetisation


Indore: Irritated by the work pressure due to demonetisation amid lack of staff and security personnel, State Bank of India Award Staff Employees Union and State Bank of India Officers’ Association asked the bank management to provide secured working environment and to fix their working hours in 15 days.

Office-bearers of Employees Union and Officers’ Association submitted a memorandum to management asking to meet their 25-point demand in order to ensure healthy and secured working environment.

“Employees of the bank are working tirelessly to ease customers’ woes following demonetisation. But, due to lack of staff and security personnel, employees are facing ire of customers,” general secretary of State Bank of India Award Staff Employees Union, Bhopal Circle Arun Bhagoliwal said.

The bank employees are facing the ire of customers due to various reasons including inadequate cash circulation from Reserve Bank of India and lack of staff in banks.

“We requested the bank administration to meet our demands in 15 days and to take steps immediately for the security of the employees so that they can perform more efficiently,” Bhagoliwal said.

Deputy general secretary of Employees Union AL Madhuraj said, “We support the government schemes and working to implement them by giving our best efforts. All we want is secured working environment and fixed working hours.”

He said that the next one week to ten days are going to be “much more tense because a huge number of employees, workers and pensioners would throng bank branches to draw from their salary credit and non-availability of enough cash may lead to serious issues of law and order”.

Senior officials of some private banks, on condition of anonymity, also shared the problems they are facing following demonetisation and shared their bitter experiences with the angry customers.

“Government should have ensured the facilities and preparations before launching the scheme as sudden schemes create trouble for the customers as well as for the employees,” a senior officer said.