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Indore: Amita Parekh, head of Heal Project’s Indore chapter


Indore: Though Narmada is quenching the city’s thirst, the Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) looking at Tinchhafall catchment, which runs on a stretch from Simrol to Choral, as an alternate source of drinking water, supply of water from where would be comparatively cheaper.

“Narmada water we are supplying to the city is the costliest. It costs about Rs 30 per 1,000 liters. For supplying water at a cheaper rate we are searching for a local source,” said Balram Verma, in-charge of water works committee, IMC.

He said that Tinchhafall catchment could be that source.

“As per a rough estimate, Tinchhafall catchment has capacity to supply 3,000 MLD water, which is 7 times to what the city requires at present, if a stop dam is constructed there,” he says.

Currently, the IMC is surveying the catchment area where water flows in from different sources including small rivers and canals till February.

“We are expecting exciting results in the survey,” he said.

He also stated that water from other sources located within 30 km of Tinchhafall can also be lifted whenever need be.

“We can develop a good water network there,” he added.

The city requires about 400 MLD water. Through Narmada third phase, 360 MLD water is supplied to the city. Additional 180 MLD water would be added to that supply shortly.

If that is the case then why is IMC searching for another source of water on an excuse of cheaper water supply rate when it knows well that laying a new water network would cost a bomb.

Verma has answer to that too.

“Though all is going well with Narmada water supply network currently but what if the network collapse for more than 10 to 15 days for some technical reasons. What would be source of water at that period,” Verma asked and replied in the same vein that the city requires a parallel water supply network.  He also said that if alternate water supply network is developed locally, the city would be blessed with 3Ps – Pani (Water), Paryavaran (Environment) and Paryatan (Tourism).

Addl 180 MLD unlikely before June

The city is unlikely to get additional supply of 180 MLD water before June. The reason is non-availability of valves with the company that supplied pipes and other equipment for laying water supply network.

 “The company has informed us that valves are not currently available with it. The company has promised to provide valves in June,” a senior IMC official said. As per the announcement made by Mayor Malini Gaud in March the additional 180 MLD water would be supplied to the city by May 15. The deadline passed off but the announcement could not be realised.