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Indore: ‘Admin, traders equally responsible for Ranipura incident’


Indore: Administrative officials have started a blame game day after the cracker shop fire incident in Ranipura, as usual they do after every incident. Seven people lost their lives in the incident. The district administration couldn’t fix responsibility of officials while the police have acted against five cops of police station concerned for their negligence.
While the officials claim that the residents and traders are responsible for the incident as they store the crackers and the neighbours didn’t complaint about the illegal storage, the traders claimed that they were requesting to shift their shops to new place since long time but the administration did not heed their request. Free Press tried to know what residents feel about the incident and are responsible for the incident.

“Both the administration and traders are responsible for the incident as the latter stored crackers illegally while administration did not conduct routine checking of the shops.”
Abhishek Joshi, Software Engineer

“Administrative officials were neglecting the demand of cracker traders for shifting their shops but they didn’t listen to them. Action should be taken against administrative officials.”
Himanshu Mathuria, Student

“Administration didn’t learn lesson from Petlawad and Rau incidents. They will forget this incident as well and such incident will happen again.”

Shilpa Lashkari, Professional

“Seven people died and the administration is trying to get rid of their responsibility. Instead of blaming others, administration should take action against the guilty.”
Sneha Bakre, Banker

“I think traders are more responsible than the administration as former stored crackers illegally. They compromise on safety and pay big price.”
Gaurav Lakshkar, Businessman

“After every incident, administrative officials resort to blame game. They always put the blame on people. What are they doing before such incident?”

Diksha Shukla, Interior Designer

“Cracker traders play with the life of people by storing large amount of crackers without any safety measures. Administration cannot check every house for what they have stored.”
Shubham Raghuvanshi, Student

“Not a single person is responsible for the incident but many including administrative officials and traders. Such incidents can be avoided by everyone if they understand their responsibility.”
Somil Talera, Businessman