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Indore: Activists protest poor food affairs in Maharaja Yashwantrao Hospital


Indore: Protesting against poor state of affairs in Maharaja Yashwantrao Hospital (MYH), activists of Congress’ Madhya Pradesh Rajiv Vikas Kendra staged demonstration in the hospital on Monday. The activists also submitted a memorandum to hospital administration demanding them to improve facilities at the state’s biggest government run hospital and also, provide proper food to its patients.

Rajiv Vikas Kendra’s Devendra Yadav said, “Hospital administration has miserably failed in providing proper food and deserved facilities to its patients. Instead of giving them proper diet, the hospital administration is creating trouble for them with security guards being provoked to misbehave with the patients as well as their family members or attendants.” He also warned the administration of staging demonstration before the Chief Minister and health minister if things in the hospital would not improve soon.

Dean seeks explanation from supdt on ‘corruption’ in chair repairing work

Taking cognisance of media reports about alleged corruption in the hospital, dean of Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College, Dr Sharad Thora said that he will write to the MYH superintendent seeking explanation in the matter.

“I have learnt through media reports that the chair repairing works were awarded to a carpenter on the basis of his quotation which was very high. I will ask the superintendent to give explanation in the case,” Dr Thora said to the media.

Hungry since  morning, patients  get food by 2 pm

While the hospital administration is not allowing kin of patients to take food or fruits inside the hospital, patients are being served food at 2 pm keeping them hungry since morning. With the food distribution starting at 12 pm, staffers could serve food to the patients on fourth and fifth floor only around 2 pm. Meanwhile patients admitted in labour room are not getting food as the hospital administration is yet to send their names to the kitchen staff. “My sister was admitted to the hospital on February 10 for delivery. The hospital is not providing her food and we thus have to call the food from our village Jhapadi,” Sunil Patidar, kin of a patient at MYH, Anita Mayaram said. He said that moreover, guards were also hassling them to take food inside the hospital from outside. Like Patidar, there are many such patients who were bearing the burnt of hospital administration’s apathy.