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Indore: Absence of parking lot creates mess


Indore: After bagging No 1 ranking in Swachh survey, attempts are on to make Indore a ‘Smart City’. But, absence of proper parking lots and haphazard parking may hit the city administration hard. In the absence of proper parking spaces and apathetic attitude of both the police and administration officials, people park their vehicles wherever they like. Their haphazard parking also poses problems for smooth flow of traffic and commuters. This can be seen on all major roads of the city. Free Press has been highlighting this issue for the past many days but no responsible officer is ready to act in this regard.

City’s busiest roads like Racecourse Road, YN Road and others are witness to such wrong parking by people. At Lantern Square, people park their vehicles on road without caring for traffic jams and cops. This unsystematic parking creates major problem for the vehicle drivers, who are going towards Malwa Mill, Racecourse Road or High Court triangle  side. Due to parking of vehicles, these roads witness heavy traffic pressure which sometime leads to accidents.

Businessman Anmol Sharma said that due to eatery shops on Lantern Square, people park their vehicles on roads and disturb movement of traffic at the square. A passer-by, Jayratan Vyas, said vehicle drivers have made entire Racecourse Road and the road opposite to the IDA building as ‘official’ parking place. People park their vehicles on both sides of the road, narrowing it further. Engineer Shaurya Malhotra said this problem can be seen on all roads of the city. Even, in front of Shopping Malls of MG Road and AB Road, this problem can be witnessed.