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Indore: A miracle occurs in Asrawad Bujurg  


Indore: In the village of Asrawad Bujurg near Indore, one onion weighs upto 300 grams at a farm of Rajendra Singh. This has been made possible because of organic farming. “We can also grow large-sized ladyfingers, brinjals in our porch or on terrace with the help of Jiva Amrit,” Singh said.

The tradition of organic farming is prevalent in India since ancient times. But growing population and growing demand for food grains has made Indian farmers to opt for organic farming. Also, the harmful effects of food produced by chemical fertilisers on people’s health have made farmers to shift to organic farming. Farmers and people living in cities are adopting organic farming and reaping benefits. And for Rajendra Singh and his family, it’s time to live a dream they saw seven years ago.

Singh, who is inspired by Padmshree awardees Subhash Palekar and Janak Palta McGiligan, decided to adopt organic farming considering the side effects of chemical farming. He purchased 2.25 bighas of land at Asrawad Bujurg and developed a farm there. For the first three years, he left the farm untilled to eliminate the harmful effects of chemical fertilisers. After three years, he started experimenting with growing vegetables.

By observing Singh and convinced with result of organic farming, his neighbour Amrit Thakur also adopted the practice. Three months later, onions he produced weighed around 200-300 gms. “Never before such a big and good onion crop was produced in my farm. It costs less and gives more profits,” Thakur said.

Rajendra Singh said, “We used Jiva Amrit Ghol, which is the basis of zero cost farming. I am excited by this success, if can I push even 5 farmers towards organic farming, it will be a great achievement of my life.” India has the largest number of organic producers in the world, according to World of Organic Agriculture Report 2018 published in February.

With 8.35 lakh certified organic producers, it is home to more than 30 percent of total number of organic producers. International Federation for Organic Agriculture Movements has released its study on global organic agriculture market. Study reveals that the global trend of growth in organic agriculture production is continuing and India tops the global list for the number of organic agriculture producers.