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IMA workshop on ‘Evolution for Excellence-Applied Neuroscience’


Indore : Indore Management Association (IMA) organised a workshop on ‘Evolution for Excellence’ for corporates here at Best Western Hotel on Saturday.

‘Brain most important device, yet no one cares to read its user manual’

Speaking on the module of the workshop ‘Applied neuroscience – Unleashing brain power for you and your people’, social intelligence expert Dr Sandeep Atre said that “Brain is the most important device we work with, and yet hardly anyone cares to read its user manual.”

He also explained how understanding evolution of brain, its structure, electrochemical reality and functions of its major parts can help a person in managing intrapersonal and interpersonal matters.

Practical concepts were taught in the workshop through exercises, clips and role-plays.

The programme was attended by managers from various organisations, including Cummins, SBI and Jaideep Ispat.

Major take aways

  • Although brain is less than 2.5% of our body weight, it consumes almost 20% of its energy. So utilising it properly means utilising life-energy
  • Human brain has three layers that have different nature and needs. To lead a sorted life, it is important to acknowledge their interconnections
  • Thinking is an electrochemical process. So, it is important to facilitate secretion of right neurotransmitters to have a happy and productive life
  • We have four happy neurotransmitters– Oxytocin, Serotonin, Dopamine and Endorphins. And we have one major negative one – Cortisol
  • Brain is the only social organ we have! So, it is crucial to understand how people’s brain works to motivate them to give their best
  • Three most important parts of our brain are Amygdala (related to emotional memory), Hippocampus (related to factual memory) and Insula (related to habit-formation)
  • Ultimately, it is about balanced life! If you can understand brain’s needs, manage its tendencies, offset its problems and challenge its limits, then it will serve you well