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I’m a victim of conspiracy, says Vaish


Refutes charges against him, dubs former FM Raghavji as Dhritrashtra

Indore: Assistant Commissioner TC Vaish, who is undergoing departmental inquiry for charges of irregularities and financial misconduct, has written a letter to Principal Secretary ( Commercial Tax) AP Shrivastava refuting the charges and claiming that he is a victim of ‘ conspiracy’.

Dubbing former finance minister Raghvaji as Dhritarashtra, his personal assistant Rechhariya as Duryodhan and the Principal Secretary as Bheesm Pitamah in his letter dated December 12, 2013 ( Letter no 13/ 2655) which is in reference to letter MA- 6( A) 87/ 2012/ 1/ five, dated October 24, 2013, Vaish said that the trio helped his opponents, who hatched the conspiracy against him.

His target mainly remained the principal secretary to whom he sent the letter. He termed the PS as ‘ Ajit’ and said he had been harassing him at the whims of Raghavji and Rechhariya.“ Ajit without going into merits and demerits of the charges and not enquiring them at the first place, ordered a departmental inquiry against me,” the Assistant Commissioner, who is posted at Sagar said.

Referring to one charge wherein it was stated that he purchased items like curtains, table cloth, chair covers without prior permission of the higher- ups, Vaish said that Ajit considered his move as irregularity even though he had not placed any order for the items.

He also stated that if the higher- ups did not approve the purchase of items, the officer concerned would himself pay for the items purchased as per rules so there is no question of any irregularity.

To another charge that he had taken one- sided decision in favour of businessmen four months ahead of time- bound limit in December 2009, he said that there is provision for one- sided decisions and he has not violated any norm. In the letter, the Assistant Commissioner also gave reason behind action against him.

He said that Rechhariya and his associates– Shivhare and Sudeep Gupta– targeted him because he did not release vehicles of their political friends seized under Section 57.5. “ Rechhariya would call me up and ask to release ‘ seized’ vehicles saying that the orders are from Raghavji but he won’t.

Once I was called at Bhopal by Rechhariya who took me to a jewellery shop and purchased a gold ring. He wanted me to make the payment but I did not. Since then he got mad at me,” Vaish said.In his letter, he concluded that Ajit would have to substantiate all the charges with proofs before the High Court, which he would not be able to.

The Principal Secretary was approached three times in last two days to comment on the letter written by Vaish but he refrained for replying hiding behind the excuse being in Delhi or seeing a doctor.