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IIM- I forcing students to give false statements to police!


Indore The stage collapse incident took place at Indian Institute of Management Indore on Saturday last week has snowballed with police registering an FIR against Janta Tent House owner, who setup the ill- fated stage, on the complaint of an injured student and another student claiming that she had heard her fellow batch mates are being forced by the institute to give false statements to the police over the incident.

With these developments, it appears very unlikely that this issue will blow away soon.

“ On the compliant of a New Delhi- resident Varun Lakra, a 2012- 14 batch student, who received spine injury and is undergoing treatment at Bombay Hospital, we have registered an FIR against Balram Chopra, owner of Janta Tent House, who had set up the stage for photo shoot at IIM Indore and it caved in,” said Kishanganj police.

In the incident, a total of 41 students including Varun were injured.

The police booked Chopra under Sections 336 and 337 of the IPC. While Lakra lodged complaint against the tent house owner, the IIM Indore is still waiting for the report of a two- member committee probing into the incident to proceed further in the matter.

The IIM Indore’s future course of action would hinge on the probe report.

Meanwhile, one more student of 2012- 14 batch, Richa Poddar, sent an e- mail to IIM- Indore Rishikesha Krishnan claiming that she had heard her fellow batch mates were being forced to give false statements to the police over the stage collapse incident.

“ This is unacceptable,” she said and added: “ This institute has taught us to be unforgiving when students who do not meet the desired standards of conduct are expelled without a thought to their future.

We are also an institute of national reckoning where we are taught the importance of ethics, there this kind of conduct, is completely and utterly unacceptable.

If this goes unrectified, an entire batch will lose respect for their Alma Mater. Perhaps, this matter will fade away, people will get busy with their respective jobs and lives, but the truth that their Alma Mater has failed them will not be forgotten.” “ That day ( on which the stage collapsed), ( students) lives were endangered because a few people responsible for this, perhaps thought it to be routine work, perhaps there was a complacency that this year too it will be managed no matter how last minute it is. But, should this matter be treated with callousness? Someone may have died that day.

Many of us are recuperating.

Many are still realising that they are hurt and need treatment. Some of us will have to live with care our entire lives,” she went on to add.

She requested the director to pay heed to the outlet of her fellow batch mates expressed through different emails after the mishap.

“ There is great anger in my batch towards the institute and the authorities because of this incident which has manifested itself through several mails which you would’ve received.

I request you to pay heed to them since these mails are not just an outlet for students to express their anger and grief but they will give you an insight into why the participants of IIM Indore do not feel an attachment towards the institute,” Richa said in her email.

She stated that there is a general way of treating participants at IIM Indore which reeks of apathy and this is why the students also are unwilling to give any allowance to the institute.

She quoted some cases where in students were not given any relaxation for mandatory classes on humanitarian and performance ground.


Firstly, there was no proper stand made. Wooden planks secured by nails that’s all. No sandbags beneath them, no quality check of the wooden planks. That, we were made to rehearse on such a structure is sheer disregard for our lives.

Secondly, there was no arrangement made for injured students. The Medical Centre is poorly equipped. There is no full time doctor. Most students go to the city since they do not trust the diagnosis done by the doctors at the institute. With so many students, faculty and family living in the campus, it’s a miracle that we have managed so far, but this incident has brought to light the dire state of the medical centre and the urgency of a revamp.

Thirdly, nobody was there to cater to the needs of the injured students once they reached campus? I stayed in J block ( SR 10) on the second floor and I received no help from the institute to make that climb easier for me and several others like me.

I am thankful that I have wonderful friends, who carried me upstairs and brought me down again. And again, the next day as well, there was no support whatsoever.


A two- member committee probing the stage collapse incident has asked students, teaching and non- teaching staffers, who were eye- witnesses to the incident, to provide proofs with them.

The eye- witnesses were asked to furnish photographs if any or other evidence with them to the committee members from 11 am to 1 pm till April 5. The committee will take into the account the evidence provided and then give its probe report to the IIM Indore Director, which will be kept before the board.