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Human Dynamo: Asthma turned her into a fitness freak


Indore: Battling asthma by making her body stronger, 12-year-old Nirali Mahajan has become an inspiration for her friends and family members. She has been preparing her body by inculcating a fitness routine that only benefits her, but also the environment.

Talking about her latest challenge, Nirali said, “My father (Tarun) has been training me to build up my stamina for Triathlon, as it is an important way to keep fit.” Triathlon is made up of 3 disciplines consisting of swimming, cycling, running. In its purest form, events start with a swim is followed by a bicycle ride and completed with a run, all over a stipulated distance, however there may be triathlons with the same disciplines completed in another order.

“Completing 1.5 kilometres of swimming, 30 kilometre cycling and six kilometre running, I was able to complete my first triathlon that my father had designed for me,” Nirali said. While fitness is important for everyone, most people cannot realise the importance of keeping healthy until some incident or injury makes them realise it.

Though Mahajan family was always active, they truly discovered the importance of keeping their body fit when Nirali was diagnosed with asthma at the age of two.

Sharing their experience, mother Astha Mahajan said, “Though asthma has become quite common among people, but it is a disease that reduces the quality of life a person drastically.” She explained that her daughter (Nirali) needed inhaler spray at least once in a day because of asthma attack.

 “Parents often feel more drowned when something happens to their children, so we were too hurt, but there is always a way,” father Tarun Mahajan said. However, finding a way out to empower her body, they all started cycling every weekend and have continued doing that till date.

Over time, her asthma did not vanish but her body’s stamina and ability to handle it increased. Sharing more of her interests, Nirali said, “I have learned baking from my mother and taken up writing after her.”

At the age of 12, she has learned basic baking of cookies and cakes. “I also write a travel blog and poems that inspire me,” Nirali said.

Talking about her achievements, she discussed her Limca Book of World Record. “I made a card castle of 30 floors using 1,365 card, which broke the last record,” Nirali said with pride. She had added this feather in her cap at the age of nine.

Sharing her life lesson, Nirali said, “Problems are opportunities for solutions, which is how asthma made me a fitness freak.”