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Create Stories to organise Khwabon Wali tomorrow


Indore : To celebrate World Poetry Day on March 21, DS events is organising ‘CREATE Stories Khwabon Wali’ on March 20 in Euro Kids Pre-Primary School at Vijaynagar from 11 am to 12:30 pm.

Breaking school and society rules, students would be engaging in open activities and exploring their interests. Talking about the event, organiser Deepak Sharma said, “Childhood is the time when people can explore and understand their interest, as intellect and worldly impacts are lesser.”

He explained that it is important for children to find their interest to be ‘happy’ successful people. Explaining the reason for celebrating poetry day with them, Sharma said, “Though there are few poets in the city, the true love for singing and hearing poetry has limited its exposure to children.”

He elaborated that most adults do not engage in singing poetry, few read and write. “Poetry is about enjoying life and singing with joy the simple rhymes about nature,” Sharma said.

Further, he said that adults can find their passion with children. “We have invited parents to experience childhood and for children to show the world of their dreams,” Sharma said.