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‘Create Stories Khwabon Wali’ revives memories


Indore: Exquisite forms of words that transmit wisdom in sweet rhythm form poetry, exposure to this beauty of words reduces and often vanishes in adulthood, but it stays intact in childhood. Learning from poems, kids are always in bliss.

Helping students explore their talents, DS events organised ‘CREATE Stories Khwabon Wali’ to bring happiness to children at Euro Kids Pre-Primary School on Monday. Celebrating World Poetry Day (March 21) and International Happiness Day (March 20), people from different walks of life found happiness as children.

While children broke their school rules and freely expressed themselves, adults in the event found relived their childhood. Playing variety of games and dancing to the beats of their favourite songs, kids were truly free to live, explore and express.

Singing their favourite rhymes, Jaivik Chowdhary sang Mowgli song. Inspired by his friend, Manthan Suryavanshi sang, “I am a little locket.” Sharing her love for the country, Anousha Chara sang ‘Jan Gan Man’, where all the students followed her, stood still and sang.

Freeing from lessons

Sharing their experience with kids, businesspersons Mukta and Anurag Jain talked about freedom of childhood. “Over our entire life, schools teach us about doing the right thing, habits and rules, but happiness truly lies in breaking away from rules,” Anurag said.

His experience with children took him back to childhood. “I can recall all my memories and all I can feel is that there is nothing better than simply being joyful and doing what we like,” Anurag said. He added that simple activities like jumping and dancing bring joy.

Toddlers capture hearts with stories

As adults formed groups of students to tell stories, students chatted up and made their own stories. Creating fairytales, action-romance and comedy stories, students surprised everyone. Talking about stories, homemaker Adila Motiwala said, “I am most amazed by stories of these little wonders.” She exclaimed talking about a student named ‘Hemang Joshi’, whose smile, dance, laughter and stories captured everyone.

Discovering the magic of childhood

While most people have pleasant childhood memories, some people are forced to grow up sooner or are unable to experience the joy of childhood because of various issues. Sharing his views, organiser Deepak Sharma said, “I do not feel that childhood is a time frame in a person’s life, instead it is a time when a person is liberated and can feel the joy of living.”

He elaborated that anyone can experience such happiness of ‘childhood’ at any age. Talking about his experience, Sharma said, “I barely remember going to a colourful class and playing around on slides, but today I experienced my childhood with them.”

Pleasure of picking up hanky

Learning a new game, kindergarten kids from senior classes rejoiced with joy as their teammate picked up the handkerchief in the game ‘Dog and the Bone’.

Following the children, teachers and guests at the event also joined the game and fought over a piece of cloth. Playing the game, Anita Seth said, “Because of traditional system of education in the country, even I had never played these games, but it was rejuvenating.”

New Year starts everyday

Sharing her poem on poetry day, homemaker Shweta Vaidya penned down feeling and shared it with The Free Press Journal.

Each day is a new year….

– the Spirit says be as silent as much as you can from inside,

But be zealous from outside….

Look at the nature when you are low…

It’s a bet you find solace.

Undo yourself, unlearn some lessons today.

Let those forehead wrinkles go away today.

Look at the enormous planets and stars,

You are so small amongst them all.

You will feel the insignificance of matter and things,

Then your heart will begin to sing

The song unsaid, the tune unheard…

Bounce, you will, back on your feet

Yesterday will seem far bleak.

-Shweta Vaidya

Rhyming words by their choice

From ‘twinkle twinkle’ to self-composed poems, children and teachers sang their heart out. While senior kg students preferred reciting alone, nursery students danced and sang while singing their favourite ‘Chuk Chuk Gadi’, i.e. train song. Some kids made up words that sounded like a song. Inspired by kids, adults shared their poems with the audience after students departed.

Simplicity of tickle fun

Teaching a new game to students, Sharma taught them ‘Sleeping Lion’. All the nursery students were asked to stay still and sleep as lions do. Roaring and tickling the students through the way, adults tried to pick out a winner.  As the students lay still avoiding tickles, adults laughed louder. Finally, rewarding all the students with chocolates woke up the lions.

Tapping feet and jumping high

With kids dancing and enjoying all kind of music, adults could not stop tapping their foot. Sharing her feelings, Dimple Kriplani said, “I cannot imagine feeling so enthusiastic and free, only kids can do this.” She elaborated that dancing with kids, she overcame all her inhibitions.

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