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City IITian finds his love in Esports, launches first café


Indore : “Education gives you a right path in life but it is your passion which leads you to success,” this was not said by any spiritual guru or by a motivational speaker but by city’s young entrepreneur Shubhanshu Jain.

Graduated from IIT-Bombay, Shubhanshu started his career as a data scientist in 2011. He followed his dream for being an entrepreneur and finally started the first Esports café in the city to live his passion as career.

“My mentor Ankit Jain, who is also my cousin, once told me that doing research on a new topic is same as starting a start-up company and researching and implementing things to grow it. Following his words, I left my first job as data scientist and started my own company in Noida– ‘Futor,’ which can be known as an E-version of a tutor for students appearing competitive exams,” he said.

The 29-year-old didn’t want to stay away from his family for long and moved back to the city to live his passion for gaming.

Shubhanshu started career as data scientist and becomes an Esports professional

“I and my brother Shrey loved to play games on PC or on console since childhood just like every other boy. We researched over increasing gaming industry, visited various Esports café across the country, interviewed experts and finally came up with what we really want to live, the first Esports café—Domin8,” he said.

Talking about the gaming industry, he quoted NVIDIA’s South-Asia consumer marketing head Vamsi Krishna said that it is a 100 billion dollars industry across the world and China leads it.

“We have been learning from China, UK and Europe stories about Esports. It is not just a ‘time-pass’ now but a profession for many. Just like Wimbledon, Esports gaming also have big tournaments like DOTA2 which as the price money of 27 million dollars,” he said.

Esports will also be included in Asian Games-2022 and now people are choosing it as a career for their children. “A man comes to me during a gaming event and asked me how he can make his son a gaming professional. His words ensured me about the future of Esports,” the young entrepreneur said.

Turned his dining into mod (cpu)

While trying to provide best configuration and gaming experience for people, Shubhanshu and Shrey, developed a high configuration mod (procession unit of a PC) on their dining table.

“We have fixed high power Intel i5 (8th gen) processors, MSI Z series gaming motherboard, Zotac NVIDIA 1060 6 GB graphics, mechanical gaming keyboards in our dining table, designed by Gopal, a carpenter, who also spent sleepless nights with us to turn our thoughts in reality,” Shubhanshu added. The table costs us Rs 1.10 lakh and it one of the finest mod in the city.


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