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City docs give new lease of life to ‘bubble wrap boy’ from Bihar


UK channel broadcasts the journey of defying all odds compiled into a 45-minute documentary

Mithoon was called ‘bubble wrap boy’ and even, branded as a ‘demon’ by the villagers for his body was covered with large number of Neurofibromatosis. While he was believed to be a curse, an expert team of doctors performed two major surgeries to de-curse him of the disease. Journalist Sanjay Pandey from Chennai put in heavy efforts—from fundraising to coordination— to save the 16-year-old ill fated boy

Indore : City doctors have given a new lease of life to sixteen-year-old Mithoon Chouhan of Navada village in Bihar, who was suffering from rare genetic disorder and is known as ‘bubble wrap boy’.

Mithoon has been suffering from a rare genetic disorder, which left him with large tumours all over his face and body.

This condition is known as ‘Neurofibromatosis’ wherein the boy suffered unbearable pain of numerous tumours which made him so disfigured that he was branded ‘demon’ by the villagers who believed he is a curse and so his family.

The boy pulled through the severe complications after he got help from journalist Sanjay Pandey from Chennai, who started making efforts to save Mithoon

With Pandey’s efforts and fund raising campaign, renowned plastic surgeon of city Dr Ashwini Dash and his team took it as a challenge and performed two pioneering operations in March and May, this year.

Talking about the case, Dr Dash said that Mithoon’s family told the doctors that he never had friends and was facing the ordeal in the best years of his life. The growth of the tumours was so severe that he struggled to eat, see and breathe.

Mithoon was brought to Indore for the first time on January 29 for check-up and the surgery was planned after one month. Whole task was completed in a classified way because the procedure was highly risky and the recovery rate was only 50 percent, Dr Dash said.

Treatment Process

Stage I  Ahead of surgery, discovered detected further complication – Mithoon had a brain tumour.  However, it was detected that the tumour hasn’t affected the brain. Later, an operation was conducted under the guidance of neurophysician Dr Aaveg Bhandari after CT scan and MRI reports. The duration of the operation was almost four hours around half kilograms of tumours were removed from mouth, face and throat region. The boy was sent home 10 days after the operation where his face became severely infected after 15 days and he had fever. In the absence of medical facilities, a local resident with nursing knowledge gave him primary treatment. Dr Dash gave assistance to the local doctors in Patna for the treatment of the patients.

Stage II The tumours on Mithoon’s eyes, forehead, ears and cheeks were removed in the second operation. The tumour on eyes and forehead weakened his eyes and led to vision problems. Doctors took skin from Mithoon’s stomach area to rebuild his forehead. In addition, his ears were also reconstructed. Having survived the ordeal, Mithoon pulled through the severe operations and returned with a new confidence after one month for a final check-up.