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Business woman threatened of acid attack at behest of alleged molestor


Indore : An unidentified miscreant stopped a 33-year-old woman entrepreneur and threatened to deface her with acid. The woman alleged that the miscreant was coercing her to withdraw an attempted molestation complaint against her former business associate. Palasia police took the written complaint from the woman and sent her on her way without considering the seriousness of the matter.

The victim, a resident of Palasia area, told the police that she had gone to Palasia fruit market on Saturday afternoon. After making her purchases, she was returning in her car when she was intercepted by an unidentified motorcycle-borne youth, who told her to withdraw the complaint of attempted molestation against her former business associate, Varun Tanted with MIG police station.

The youth even threatened to deface her with acid as well as kill her if she failed to comply with the demand and then fled the scene. Numb with fear and shock over the incident, the woman reported the matter to the fruit vendor and her husband and then reached the police station. Since the youth was wearing a helmet, she could not recognize him and the cold response of the police personnel only aggravated her anxiety.

Despite the fact that a complaint was officially filed with MIG Police, the Palasia police did not take the matter seriously and merely completed the formality by accepting her written complaint. Moreover, when Palasia TI Shivpal Singh Khushwah was contacted, he denied having received any such complaint and said that action would be taken after investigation upon receipt of complaint.

Accused was earlier arrested
According to the victim, she had filed a complaint of attempted molestation with MIG police station on April 7, 2015. She said that she was dealing with interior decoration products and due to financial difficulty, she took Varun as a partner.
Following the partnership, she visited Varun’s office located in Industry House to report on daily sales and expenses. One day, Varun told her that he wanted to talk about business and when they were alone, he tried to molest her after which she filed the complaint. She said the youth was threatening her to withdraw the complaint against Varun. Police had arrested him and a case against him was being heard by the court.