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Bohra cemetery bawdi: Serving for over 150 yrs


Over 50 family and shop-keepers using its water for low-end purposes

Indore : One of the oldest bawdis located in the premises of Shia Dawoodi Bohra cemetery in Imli Bazar is still providing water for low end purpose to more than 50 families and also for maintaining greenery at the cemetery.

It was established by Holkar ruler Tukojirao Pawar, who handed it and its nearby land to the Bohra community for cemetery. It has more than 100 stairs and presents architecture of the Holkar dynasty. At present, it contains of about 20 feet water and will be full after two heavy rains.

It is maintained by the Bohra community’s trust and local residents use its water during water shortage.

“Water in the bawdi is clean and potable. Due to waste of leaves and trees, people use its water for low end purpose. Greenery of the cemetery is maintained by this bawdi which is serving for more than 150 years,” secretary of Shia Dawoodi Bohra cemetery Mulla Turab Ali Kanchwala said.

He said earlier they lodged various complaints to the Corporation for cleaning and conservation of the bawdi but it fell in deaf ears.

“Now, we appointed a man for cleaning the bawdi and maintaining greenery,” he said. Manager of the cemetery Jabeer Hussain said, “Corporation must take care of these ancient water bodies. We are maintaining it but need corporation support to stop sewage water flowing into it. It is the resting place of our loved ones and they get green environment which is possible because of bawdi water.”

Community members keep the gate of crematorium open for local residents to provide them access to bawdi water and also kept a water tank for serving the residents.

Thousands liters of water is drawn from the bawdi daily and it can serve for many more years.

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