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10.5 kg retroperitoneal sarcoma removed in M


  • Doctors claim it’s the biggest tumor removed till date 
  • This type of tumor found is one in 10 lakh people

Indore: In a five and half hour long complex surgery, doctors of M Hospital successfully removed a retroperitoneal sarcoma ( RS), a type of cancer tumor, of 10.5 kg struck with vital organs of the patient, on Friday.

The doctors believed that it is the biggest sarcoma removed in the history. As per information, Mohammed Aarif ( 35), a resident of South Toda, was suffering from severe stomach pain for the last two months after which he visited some private hospitals.During diagnosis it was found that the patient has a tumor struck with his kidney, lungs, liver and intestines.

“ He was informed about the cost of Rs 3.5 lakh for surgery in the private hospitals. The patient was checked up by us about a week ago and we have decided to operate him at the earliest,” Dr PS Lubana said adding “ after turning the patient stable, we have removed the RS of 10.5 kg. We have used an advance method of harmonic scalpel and vessel sealer technique due to which it was almost blood less surgery.” He further said that the tumor was about 27 cm long and 25 cm wide and could prove fatal for the patient if not removed on time.

“ The patient is under observation and he will be discharged from the hospital in a few days,” Dr Lubana added.1 in 10 lakh people, biggest RS removed According to Dr Lubana, such tumor is very rare and found one in 10 lakh people.

Telling about the tumor, he said that retroperitoneal sarcoma is a rare malignancy often insidious in onset.At initial stage, abdominal mass, pain or obstructive symptoms are the most common complaints to the patient suffering with it.

“ As per the available literature, the biggest RS was removed in Saint George Hospital in France. Now, we have removed 10.5 kg sarcoma but we are still going through the literature before claiming it to be the biggest one,” Dr Lubana added.

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