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When PM Narendra Modi became a subject of hilarious memes and jokes



Most powerful man of India and 9th most powerful man in the world, Narendra Modi, will celebrate his birthday on 17th September. The man gave vision to India and a path towards success before becoming a PM. But, unfortunately, his vision looks shattered and the dreams are under dark clouds. There are tons of people who praise our PM. Even after all the harsh circumstances, they went through, they still believe in him that he will change India, let’s hope for the best. But there is less than one and a half year left in next election and we saw what he did in his three years’ tenure. There are debates going on between intellectual and anti-intellectual, in support of Indian public. Are these policies and decision made by the government for the people working or it is just written on paper? Is the common man still suffering? Was demonetisation was a good move? Was GST a good move? No one has a proper answer for these questions.

Let me frame all the policies in simple way and from where current government got the ideas. Aadhaar idea was initiated by Congress and during Congress rule, BJP opposed the idea, GST tax slab was much better during Congress, when they tried to implement it during their regime but unfortunately it couldn’t happen. It was a Congress move not BJP’s, and the list goes on. Demonetisation was a historic move by our Prime Minister, but it couldn’t work and failed. 99 per cent money is in the bank legally which was in the market and even today reason is not clear why was demonetisation took place. Each and every time, BJP government gave different reasons like to curb black money, to stop terrorism, to stop Naxalites, to increase digital transaction, to stop fake currency. But, nothing has been stopped; all things are still going on.

And so, PM Modi has often been heavily trolled on social media in rather funny ways. One cannot disrespect our honorable PM because he represent India on foreign stage, he represent India’s integrity outside the country. He represent whole of India so one is not allowed to criticise him; how funny that isn’t. But in the virtual world all is allowed and people criticize his policies, and make fun of him. So, here are the best of jokes and memes on Narendra Modi.