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Viral Video: Kerala Baahubali tries an elephant stunt, get flung in the air


A youth from Kerala learnt it the hard way that it’s not easy being ‘Baahubali’ in real life. The youngster has ended up in the intensive care unit (ICU) of a hospital struggling for his life after his attempt to mount an elephant like ‘Baahubali’ Prabhas went grievously wrong.

The incident happened in Peringassery in the hilly district of Idukki in Kerala and was broadcast live on the victim’s Facebook. The indent took shape when a gang of youngsters found a lone elephant in a rubber plantation and decided to create the scene involving Prabhas and the elephant in Baahubali.

In the movie, Prabhas jumps on top of the elephant using the animal’s trunk as a stepping stone. Meanwhile, to get into the elephant’s good books, the friends bought some bananas first. Armed with the bananas, the would-be ‘Baahubali’ went approached the animal and extended the treat. After the bananas were done, the youngster offered some palm leaves lying nearby.

The youth, who was allegedly intoxicated, is seen approaching the elephant and trying to befriend it by feeding him fruits. He then holds the pachyderm’s tusks, steps on its trunk and attempts to clamber up. The animal, who was friendly initially, finally decides to retaliate with a show of strength of its own, by flinging the man in the air like a rubber ball. The youth lands awkwardly a fair distance away and is found unconscious when his friends approach and check on him.

The incident happened on Sunday, but came to light as his friends were broadcasting the stunt on Facebook Live. The video has gone viral and is being shared widely on social media platforms. Reports claim the youth was hospitalised and is currently recuperating. Here’s hoping he has learnt his lesson and won’t be attempting any daredevil stunts anytime soon.