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Twitter accounts hacked, Congress raises questions on cyber security for payments


New Delhi: The Congress on Thursday used hacking of Twitter and other Internet accounts of Rahul Gandhi and the party to put a question mark on Prime Minister Modi’s campaign for cashless economy, wondering what is the safety of entire digital payment network if the social media like Twitter and Facebook can be hacked.

“Does it not prove the inherent cyber security risks that exist for all electronic transactions and payment gateways,” asked Congress chief spokesman Randeep Singh Surjewala. He wanted Modi to ponder and answer “these important imponderables that have exposed the susceptibility of the entire digital financial platforms.”

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“Cyber attacks on @INCIndia and @OfficeOfRG exposes the vulnerability of cyber security and Digital platforms in India. An eye opener for Modiji!,” tweeted Surjewala.

Brazen hacking attempts also raise serious questions on the digital safety and privacy of millions of Indians, who use social media like facebook, twitter, whatsapp, instagram etc. as not only conversational platforms but also for exchange of ideas and dissemination of information, he said. Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi”s Twitter and email accounts were hacked twice, first on Wednesday evening and again on Thursday morning while the Congress website, Twitter and email accounts also fell prey to the hackers on Thursday morning.

Surjewala, who filed complaints to the Cyber Cell of Delhi Police, said: “Every Indian”s privacy is similarly under attack and onus lies upon the Modi Government to do suitable course correction for protecting privacy of everyone who is on the social media.”

Law and Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said the matter is being taken very “seriously. He said: “We are seeking the details of all those who logged in that twitter account in the last one week to probe it further.”

The Delhi police swung into action, writing to the Twitter management to provide necessary details after registering its Economic Offences wing registered a case under Section 66 of IT Act.

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Surjewala described the cyber attack on the Congress and Rahul as “demonstrative of disturbing insecurities of a prevalent fascist culture to abuse and intimidate” as the hackers used their accounts to post and propagate profanity and derogatory comments, statements and opinions in a malicious fashion and within seconds an entire licensed army of trolls retweeted and reposted the hateful and reprehensible comments and statements of the hackers, as if acting in concert and collusion in pursuance of a predetermined conspiracy.

“Extreme elements have attacked the Congress ideology and its thoughts over last 132 years in different manifestations, both by spoken words and physical violence. Congress has always dealt with such hatred and animosity with Gandhian compassion and tolerance. Truth is that totalitarian and authoritarian ideas are an anathema to India”s inclusive democracy,” Surjewala said.

He said the hackers” act reflects the extremities of a growing intolerant culture around us that resorts to abuse and insult every time it lacks answers to the questioned raised by those who disagree with their point of view. It is a systematic attack on free speech and right to disagree in our country.