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Tripura Governor on firecrackers ban: ‘Soon there will be a ban on Hindu Cremations’


New Delhi: Tripura Governor Tathagata Roy has a penchant for stirring online controversies. The latest ruckus was kicked up by his uncharitable comments on the ban on sale of firecrackers imposed by the Supreme Court in the national capital. Roy has insinuated that Hindu cremations could be the next tradition on the chopping block after the ban on firecrackers.

Roy goes a step further and can see a communal conspiracy to target all Hindu rituals. “First Dahi Handi, now crackers. You never know, tomorrow the award wapsi brigade and those carrying out candle marches might file a litigation against the last rites ritual of Hindus, too,” he tweeted on Tuesday.

When asked if he was not concerned about the poor air quality in Delhi, he said he was aware of the situation, but argued that “Diwali happens only once a year.” According to a TV channel, this is not the first time Roy has courted controversy. A couple of months ago, he had dug out a 1946 diary entry made by Syama Prasad Mookerjee, who later founded the Bharatiya Jana Sangh. It stated that “the Hindu-Muslim problem won’t be solved without a Civil War”.