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Triple talaq should be abolished: Javed Akhtar


New Delhi : Noted lyricist-poet Javed Akhtar, on Saturday, said that there should be an immediate ban on the practice of triple talaq but uniform civil code should be implemented only after proper discussion.

When asked about his opinion on the topic that has been in the headlines, Akhtar said he has been vocal against the issue for many years. “I have always spoken against these things. Triple talaq should be banned immediately in any civil society. As far as uniform common civil code is concerned, I am not sure how far this is possible because our country is huge,” he said while addressing a session at the Sahitya AajTak event.

Akhtar said India has many traditions, cultures and sub-cultures and bringing them under one law would be a mammoth task. “The government should make a draft of civil code and put it on the net, only then a discussion is possible. It should be discussed for a year. If there is any discrepancy, then the Constitution must prevail and there should be no confusion about this.” The lyricist said politicians should remain silent on sensitive issues as they say right things with wrong intentions and weaken the cause.

Asked whether there was a danger to freedom of expression, Akhtar said that was not entirely true. “What happens is that when people take a stand… it is sometimes extreme but reality is somewhere in between. Some people say freedom of expression is over. That’s not true. I say whatever I feel like but it is also true that there are attempts against it.”

Taking potshots at extremists, Akhtar said, “Islam was always in danger but now Hindu religion is also in danger.” He said the scene in “Sholay” where Dharmendra woos Hema by hiding behind the statue of Shiva would not be possible today.                 –PTI