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Transgenders in Chhattisgarh observe fast on Hartalika Teej to get rid of Naxalism


Chhattisgarh: In an unprecedented move, Transgenders in Chhattisgarh’s Bastar district observed fast on the occasion of Hartalika Teej on September 12 to get rid of Naxalism in Bastar. Teej, one of the major Hindu festivals is celebrated mostly by married women for long life of their husbands and marital bliss. But interestingly, wishing for peace and prosperity, the Transgenders community in Bastar observed the day to weed out Naxalism from of the region.

Around 15 transgenders observed the difficult fast, following all the rituals. “We want peace in the area. The Naxal activities in the region are creating a lot of trouble for the common people. For the peace and prosperity of the people we observed this fast,” said Riya Singh, President Kinnar Samaj. Bastar is one the major area in Chhattisgarh hit by the Naxal activities.