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Tiger lifts elderly man in Sundarbans


Canning (WB):  A tiger pounced on an elderly man and disappeared with him into the jungles in the Sundarbans, Forest department sources said.

The incident occurred yesterday when the tiger jumped from the bank of Dutta Jhil, a creek, and pounced on 62-year-old  Sunil Majhi, who had ventured out to catch crabs on a boat.

The tiger attacked Majhi when he was seated in the middle of the boat and two of his accomplices were in the front and at the tail to balance the vessel while pulling in the net.

When his accomplices saw Majhi being snatched away by the tiger, they chased the big cat who had by then jumped out of the boat with Sunil still in its jaws.

The tiger was spotted disappearing into the jungle, the sources said, adding that the man’s body could not be

The accomplices immediately informed the Dutta Beat office.

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