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Three trekkers die in Himachal peaks


Bodies of Amar Singh, Lokinder and Manohar Singh were now brought to Chirgaon

Shimla : Three trekkers died and eight were injured on Saturday after being struck by lightning when they were on their way to scale Chanshal peaks that stand high at 4,520 m in the interiors of Shimla district, the police said.

Most of the trekkers belonged to Uttarakhand, adjoining the Chanshal peaks.

A police team reached the spot after four hours of trekking and retrieved the bodies. The police rescued Dinesh Singh, Jagdish, Chaman Singh, Akhilash, Jitender, Sanjay Singh and Janak Singh, who were injured and later airlifted to Purola in Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand in a chopper from Chirgaon in Shimla district.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Sandeep Kant Sharma said the bodies of Amar Singh, Lokinder and Manohar Singh were brought to Chirgaon. Chanshal stands at 4,520 m between the Andhra and Pabbar rivers on one side and Rupin and Supin rivers on the other.