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Tape row: Manish Tewari says cannot recall conversation with Poonawalla; calls him ‘snitch’


Ahmedabad : Congress leader Manish Tewari on Tuesday said he could not recall having any conversation with Shehzad Poonawalla in which he allegedly told the Maharashtra Congress leader the party is a “proprietorship of the Gandhi family”, ahead of Rahul Gandhi’s imminent elevation as its president.

After a tape of the purported conversation between Tewari and Poonawalla was aired by some news channels, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had lapped up the reports and said the Congress lacked internal democracy, reports PTI.

Tewari told reporters here that he did not remember any such conversation.

“There is a particular word in English called ‘snitch’. I am not a snitch. I do not go around recording conversations which I have with people throughout the day and I have hundreds of such conversations,” he said replying to a query on the purported conversation between him and Poonawalla.

The Congress spokesperson said he did not like to give “dignity” to the issue by commenting on it.

“I do not recall any such conversation and therefore I would not like to dignify (the issue) with (my) comment. And the reason that I found it so funny was that those media outlets which were running (the audio tape) with heavy disclaimers, uncorroborated, unverified…possibly careful that I am a lawyer and my other colleagues are also lawyers,” he said.

Poonawalla had allegedly spoken about “dynastic politics” in the Congress over Rahul Gandhi’s imminent elevation as the chief of the party, currently headed by his mother Sonia Gandhi.

According to the purported conversation, Tewari told Poonawalla that the Congress is a “proprietorship of the Gandhi family” and “not a political party. He had allegedly told Poonawalla that “political parties in India are proprietorships”.