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Students twisting facts, playing social justice card, claims JNU


New Delhi : JNU administration on Saturday alleged that the students who have been “illegally occupying” the admin block have been playing the “social justice” card by twisting facts and making illogical arguments on the admission policy.

Following complaints from JNU Registrar, Delhi Police has lodged an FIR against a group of students who have been occupying the administrative block on campus since last week to seek an appointment with the VC over recent amendments in the varsity’s admissions policy.

The students union claimed that they want to meet Vice Chancellor Jagadesh Kumar and raise their concerns about the changes in the admissions policy which they claim will lead to a massive seat cut in MPhil and PhD courses.

“Unfortunately, these students have been playing the ‘social justice’ card by twisting facts and making illogical arguments on the admission policy. It has been made amply clear time and again that reservation system and relaxation of marks for the marginalized sections of the society, the hallmark of JNU’s admission policy, will be retained within the parameters of the 2016 UGC Regulations. How do then they claim that social justice is at stake?” the varsity said in a statement.

Terming the agitating students as “champions of social justice”, the university said that the blockade is causing financial losses to the university. “In fact, these so-called champions of ‘social justice’ are completely heartless and they do not care about the impact of their unlawful occupation and blockade on over a thousand contractual labourers employed by JNU.