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State govts and Centre should work as a team, says PM


Panaji: Asserting that in the prosperity of states lies the progress of the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said that unlike in the past state governments would no longer have to plead to the Centre for funds.

“Earlier states had to plead to the Centre for funds and schemes. But now we want to change the situation. The nation cannot prosper unless the states progress. The prosperity of the states is the prosperity of the country,” Modi said during BJP workers’ convention at Dr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Stadium near here.

“The states and the Centre should work as a team. The Indian constitution speaks of federalism. But we have coined a new word for our concept and that is ‘cooperative federalism’. We have to work in cooperation with the states,” he said.

During his 25-minute speech, the Prime Minister also assured speedy resolution of the current mining crisis in Goa.

“I am fully aware of the mining crisis in Goa. I have asked the concerned ministry to assure that the mining activity resumes at the earliest,” Modi said.

Unveiling a plaque at Kala Academy for the proposed third bridge over river Mandovi in Panaji, Modi said his government would give priority to infrastructure projects.

“The government is committed to increasing investment in infrastructure. This would not only create jobs but spur investment in other sectors as well,” Modi said adding the projects would be completed in time.

The Prime Minister also assured a parallel bridge across Zuari river connecting north to south district.

“The current bridge is shaky. We will build the second bridge over the river. If we don’t do that, then north and south will remain disconnected,” he said.