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Smriti is my younger sister: Modi to Priyanka


Amethi: Narendra Modi today took a swipe at Priyanka Gandhi for her Smriti Irani “who” comment, saying this was a reflection of “arrogance” and asserted that she was his “younger sister” and “representative” who knows much more about Amethi than the entire Gandhi family.

Apparently agitated at Priyanka’s remark, the BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate said he had chosen Smriti for Amethi to tend this constituency which is the “most backward” despite being represented by the Gandhi family four 40 years.

Addressing a rally in the Gandhi family bastion here, Modi said, “One of their (Congress) leaders even asked who is Smriti Irani? In democracy the royals do not have the right to ask such questions. This is nothing, but arrogance. When arrogance grows, people tend to lose their sense and they ask such questions.”

He went on to add, “I want to tell who is Smriti Irani. She is my younger sister and she will take care of your welfare and development.”

Yesterday when Priyanka was asked about the attacks against Congress by BJP candidate Smriti Irani, she asked, “Who”?

When the reporter repeated, “Smriti Irani,” she said grinning,”Oh”.

Hitting back at Priyanka, Modi said Smriti knows much more about Amethi than the Gandhi family. “Ask about names of villages of Amethi. Smriti will know names of 100 villages while the entire Gandhi family will not be able to name even 10 villages.