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Seven crore hectares affected by floods: BJP MP


New Delhi: A BJP member today questioned in the Lok Sabha the massive spendings on flood protection programmes, saying that despite various schemes, the area covered by floods has increased over the years.

Initiating a discussion on flood and drought situation in the country, Yogi Adityanath said had the funds meant for flood mitigation utilised properly, the country would have got rid of the problem.

He said despite spending billion of rupees, the area covered by floods has increased since 1950.

He said while one crore hectare was covered by floods in 1950, the area has increased to seven crore hectare.

The MP from Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh said embankment only protects some areas during heavy rains but it is not a permanent solution.

He said silt in rivers increases their water level which breaks embankments. He said silt in reality reduces the actual availability of fresh water for irrigation and drinking.

The BJP member suggested that water management was a better solution to tackle the twin problems of floods and droughts.

Drought, he said, is bad for an agricultural economy like India.

The discussion remained inconclusive.