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Seers oppose Lallu Singh’s candidature from Faizabad


Ayodhya: Opposing the candidature of Lallu Singh from Faizabad, a group of seers staged a protest here and asked BJP to reconsider its decision.

The sadhus, who were said to be supporters of party leader Vinay Katiyar, burned an effigy of BJP chief Rajnath Singh.

They have also sent a letter signed by about two dozen senior Mahants of different temples to Amit Shah, the state incharge of BJP, objecting to Lallu Singh’s nomination for Faizabad Lok Sabha seat.

Katiyar, who was himself a claimant for the seat which he represented three times, refused to comment on the candidature of Lallu Singh or whether he would campaign in Faizabad parliamentary constituency. He denied any link with the protest by the seers.

The party decided to field Lallu Singh, who was Ayodhya MLA since 1991, but lost to SP in 2012. Lallu Singh also lost 2009 and 2004 Lok Sabha elections from Faizabad seat.

Maithli Raman Sharan, the Mahant of Laxman Qila — a prestigious temple of Ayodhya, said that Lallu Singh had lost two consecutive parliamentary elections and by giving him ticket, “the party has put the prestige of Ayodhya and  the organisation at stake”.