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RSS, BJP involved in Barpeta Satra episode: Gogoi


Tarun Gogoi

Guwahati: Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi today said the government has “definite evidence” suggesting involvement of RSS and BJP workers in preventing Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi’s entry into a Vaishnavite monastery at Barpeta in December.

In a statement here, Gogoi claimed that on inquiring into the entire episode the state government has found definite proof of RSS and BJP workers’ involvement in instigating a section of people against the entry of Rahul Gandhi in Barpeta Satra on December 12.

Satra and other religious institutions should not be used for narrow political gains and should be left for religious and spiritual activities only, he said. Gogoi and the ruling Congress party have maintained that Gandhi was prevented from entering the 15th century monastery during his padayatra by RSS and BJP who placed elderly women at the monastery gate.

BJP had denied the allegation and said that Gandhi was late in arriving at Barpeta and so he skipped visiting it. The episode had escalated into a controversy with the Satra authorities discounting Congress’ allegation and said that the women were villagers with no allegiance to any political party and they were waiting at the gate for a glimpse of Gandhi.